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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Bitey

We think Scotchy was playing or smacking or wacking at another kitty in the house one night last week and got the bitey ... not sure which one is responsible for it but .. he got got pretty good - he has been half way limping around for about a week. Every time Momy said she was calling the VET he would walk ok on it ... so she would wait then he would limp again ... and this went on for a few days until it looked like a knot the size of Momys thumb under his furs ....
This is what it looks like now  .....

you can click to biggify!

Scotchy is doing good taking his medication

Its getting cold here in VA again and its raining so ... hes mostly okay staying inside
He is putting weight on his leg and he played this morning

Momy stayed home with us today she has been feeling sick and didnt sleep good last night but it seems that she slept really good today - we took good care of her and I think she feels better - Im glad!


  1. You take good care of yourself...and no bitey stuff!

  2. We hope Scotchy and your mom both feel better soon - we are sending lots of purrs and prayers to get well quick.

    And isn't that like cats - they know that word Vet because they will totally act fine, even when they aren't, if they think that they are going there! Virgil did the same thing when he was hurt!

  3. oh no...that was a serious bitey i hope that heals up really fast and well

  4. Ouchie! We hope your leg feels better soon!

  5. OUCH! That's a nasty-looking bitey. Glad Scotchy is on the mend. I hope your mom is on the mend too; it's not much fun when anyone is sick. :-(

  6. That should heal in no time Scotchy! Hope your mom feels better soon.

  7. We are so very glad Scotchy is feeling better and taking his medicines! And that is very good of all of you to take care of your MOm...we hope she feels better soon too!

  8. Poor Scotchy. We hope you are feeling better now. We hope your mum is soon better too.

  9. Poor Scotchy! We hope that bite heals nicely! We are also sending get well purrayers to your mommy. We hope she feels better furry soon!