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Thursday, January 7, 2010

More about Babies

Meet Simone
She went to a home that had another kitten named Yoshi
They are the best of friends

Meet Scotty

Meet Emma
Scotty and Emma are long haired
They went to live the life of luxery with a family whose people children are 14 and 12
The brother and sister peoples got brother and sister kittens
They had never had pets before - their parents were so excited
These two are lovin life

Meet Freddy (the runt)

Meet Faith

Faith and Freddy went to a home together
They have an older feline brother and sister

Momy wanted to keep all the kittens! But ... she found them all great homes and they are all very happy.

There is someone else I want you to meet ....

This Big Man Cat showed up
And he looks just like Simone
or she looks just like him
Hes the DADDY Cat

His name is ButterScotch but he goes by Scotch more about him tomorrow


  1. Oh my goodness the babies are gorgeous.. I would have wanted to keep them too. I am glad they got good homes though.. HUgs GJ x

  2. Aww they are all so sweet but mum kept oohing and aahing when she saw little Freddie.

  3. Oh goodness super adorable! So glad they all got good homes!

  4. So cute!!! We just love to hear about sweet kitties finding wonderful forever homes. We've done some fostering of kittens. In fact, you should check out our post tomorrow about 2 of our former fosters.

  5. Those kittens are adorable! We're glad they got furever homes now!

  6. Oh my gosh they were such adorable kittens (I say were because they are big cats by now). They are all so lucky to have found wonderful forever homes! And boy their dad is a big guy!

  7. But wait a minute!

    Butterskhotch (Morsel) is the girl khat who lives around 'here'

    They are khute khyttehs -

    Woo are to be khommended fur finding them such great homes!


  8. The babies are so very cute...and hey, Scotch is sure checking things out!

  9. How wonderful the babies found such good homes!

  10. We're happy that all the babies went to such wonderful homes!

  11. I'm so glad you found homes for your kittens...
    Thanks for telling us their story ...

  12. We are so very glad all those babies got good homes, with siblings!!!!!!!!!

    Butterbean, you look like you are letting Scotch know not to get much closer to your home.