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Monday, January 11, 2010

Late one Night

My dady is a volunteer fire fighter. My momy volunteers too but she dosnt fight fires she does other stuff for thoes fire dudes.
So Dady was at a fire meeting on night - momy was home with us ... actually momy was gettin ready for bed which is very exciting cause most of us get in the bed too ... oh by the way this was about last July (2009) so momy had taken out her eye balls when dady came home and he had something in his hand - he opened the bathroom door and momy said what the hecck is THAT ...

That was a Kitten!
See how skinnies she is ...

Momy felt her all over and discover a bump on her belly ... they made her a bed and a box and put her in the bathroom. Momy tried to find her a home ...

She LOVES to climb in trees

So Momy named her Monkey

Monkey went to see Dr D to be checked out - she still had a bump on her belly. Dr D said she was 12 weeks old and she weighed 2.5 pounds and the bump was a hernia -

So in October she had to have surgery to fix it and while they were in there they went ahead an spayed her. She weighed 3.8 pounds and was 6 months old. Oh and her name CHANGED from Monkey to Sugar to Honey to MEEP and that is who she is. She is MEEP.

Meep is just a BABY but she loves to climb thoes trees.

Much more on Meep tomorrow.


  1. I see BELLEH!

    PeeEssWoo: Monkey was one of my mom's nikhknames when she was a weeeeee pup!

  2. Hi Bean and Meep and all the others we have yet to meet! We saw you posted something nice on Kismets blog so we came to visit you!

  3. Meep is quite the climber! We can't wait to hear more about her!

  4. Meep is quite striking, and a great climber.

  5. Meep was very lucky to have found your mum and dad!

  6. Meep is super precious and super lucky that your dad found her and saved her life. We are so glad she is ok now. She looks a lot like our Maizy!

  7. She was VERY skinny! But she looks wonderful now, thanks to all your love and care. :-)

  8. That Meep is such a cutie and one lucky kitty!

  9. CUTE BELLY!! Man you mommy has saved so many cat lives....she my idol

  10. Meep is such a cutie little girl! She is very lucky your dad helped her by brining her home - what a good guy he is! And it is great that you helped her out by taking care of her too!

  11. Meep looks almost exactly like my sisters cat Sophie!! She is one lucky girl!

  12. Meep is gorgeous and glad your dad rescued her.. Hugs GJ xx

  13. Meep! what a great story! Nice to meet you.