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Thursday, December 17, 2009

And Then....

Around the same time Momy found Lucky there was lots of other things going on as you know I was sick and had to have surgery and there was a kitty that was sneaking around our house. Momy was feeding him and he would NOT let her get close. Then she started waiting for him ... .and over time he would let her pet his head while she was pouring his cereal into a bowl for him. This went on for several weeks and she was so intent on petting him that she could not get pictures this early on.

Also during this time Lucky was growing and getting better all the time and it was Thanksgiving

Dady and Baby Lucky

Lucky with his First Turkey Leg

He was Happy


  1. oh wow! that whole turkey leg! What a lucky kitty!

  2. Hole Mackerel!!! Mmmmm, mackerel. You gots a WHOLE turkey leg?!? We're coming to your house next Thansgiving!

  3. I love hearing this story ...
    (now I know it's from the past ..)

  4. Wow! And entire turkey leg!!! Lucky sure got lucky with that!!!!!

  5. Lucky...you sure are lucky to get a whole turkey leg!!!

  6. Who wouldn't be happy with a turkey leg! Lucky is VERY lucky.

  7. Lucky
    you're not just lucky, you are SUPER lucky!
    A whole gobbler's leg!

    purr on

  8. How is lucky is Lucky that he got a whole big turkey leg! I bet that really filled you up good. Glad you are feeling better.

  9. Lucky indeed, wow, a whole one???