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Saturday, December 19, 2009


It snowed ...

Snowed BIG

Dady spent the night at the firestation helping people who were stranded or in trouble - hes a volunteer fire fighter you see
Momy has been out in the snows this morning - snows up to her knees - shes been taking pictures
like a crazy momy and some of the others have gone out - but not me

Snows pictures on Sunday


  1. We have snow too, but only ankle deep in some places. Cannot wait for the snow pictures!

  2. You'll just get your paws wet ...
    Stay inside on a blanket near a fireplace or heater vent ...
    Stay warm ...

    ** still trying to find a home for Beau Beau & Noni Noni. please stop by my blog & post about them on yours **

  3. We can't wait to see your photos. Even we got some snow today , and we very rarely get any. It was only about half an inch though.

  4. Better to stay inside where it is nice and warm. We will be back to see your photos.

  5. Be safe in all of that white stuff.

  6. Meowm squealed when she saw this picture of you.

  7. Very neat picture of you Butter Bean!