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Monday, December 14, 2009

Bath Time

I know it sounds CRAZY but Momy gives us a BATH a few times a year ...

Baby Lucky getting a Bath ... he loves water

Boo only acts like he dosnt like it

Im ok once I get out ...

Momys very brave for washing us ... mostly we like it ... especially once its over and we smell good.
I am such a big cat sometimes I have trouble keeping clean and smelling good so I get bird-baths with a wash cloth about once a week or so


  1. Your mom IS very brave because there's no way I'd try that with any of my cats! And you all are exceptionally good, I must say. I hope you get extra treats for that. :-)

  2. Our mum wouldn't dream of giving us a bath in water. She values her life too much!

  3. Oh, my! I have never had a bath in my entire life. I do not think I would enjoy it.

  4. I haven't bathed my boys in years...not since we dealt with ringworm in 2002, and needed to wash all the dip off. Tanner will get a butt bath every now and then with a wash cloth because he gets a touch stinky, but otherwise we are good to go.

  5. Mum only braves the bath when there has been an accident. I hate the bath and fight tooth and nail to get out.. You are all good.. Hugs GJ xx

  6. You all look so cute in the tubbie! And yes, your mom is very brave. Our mom knows that she better keep them thoughts to herself!

  7. With the way we carry on when our claws get clipped (well, really it's only me that puts up a BIG fight!), Mom only bathes us if we get into something bad! You are all very good kitties!

    Nico (w/ Austin & JayJay) :)

  8. We have never had a proper bath, but I, Eric, like to get in the bath with either of my Beans. I lie on them and let my paws and tail float.

  9. Oh no don't get me near any water...

    purr on

  10. Your mom is VERY brave. If I try to give my cats a bath... it wouldn't be pretty for me! ;)

  11. My Meowm has never given me a bath! I wonder if I would like one?~~Junior

    Meowm gave me a bath after I first came here. Since she rescued me from outside, I guess I kinda needed one, but I didn't like it too much!~~Orion