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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Then there was Moose

This is where Moosie comes into the picture

He could not wait his turn because that is the way he is
Momy looked for Moosie a home unsuccessuflly
The day he went for his boy surgery Dady took him
he asked if Moose was to be de-clawed Momy said
Not if you expect me to find him a home

Dady told the vet Moosie was staying and so he was de-clawed
Which is just as well - Moosie is scairt of outside
So bad at first that he would not get too close to a window or door
now he will venture outside but only if Momy is near

Moosie and Scootie in the tree house
Moosie really likes to play and be center of attention
unlike Scooter who is the "un-touchable"


  1. Awww, Moosie is adorable! LOVE his markings!

  2. Hah, so it was daddy who decided dat Moosie was staying! Our dad would fill up da house wif cats if mom would let him. But since she does all da litter boxes, food stuff, cleaning of dirty butts and such she always tells him NO!

  3. Moosie is gorgeous, that last picture is adorable.. Hugs GJ x

  4. Moosie is adorable. I'm glad he has a furver home with you.

  5. We're glad that Moosie is living with you now! He looks very happy!

  6. Oh Moosie is such a cutie! That is great that he got to stay!

  7. Moosie is very cute. We are sorry you lost your claws though, and we wish vets wouldn't do that.

  8. Yep, we agree here...Moosie the cutie fur sure!

  9. Moosie is a cutie. We also are sorry he was declawed though. It is illegal in the UK.

  10. Moosie is adorable and we are glad he has a home with you.