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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Boo Boo


Hi, Im Boo and I was born June 26, 2004 - I am now 5 and actually 3 days older than Bean, but thats ok. We like to say we are brothers by different mothers :) I love my Momy. She rescued me.

My first dad had a roomate that would kick me and toss me and if my dad wasnt there I didnt eat. Im glad my dad realized that I was being mistreaded - Im sorry that I couldnet go back to him but Im glad he found me a good Momy and now I have a Dady that I really love!

I was also tormented by a vaccuum cleaner so Momy warns me when she gets hers out and she puts me in the bedroom and shuts the door so that I dont get really really scared.

I have BIG BLUE eyes and really long whiskers! I am a cat of cats. I sleep where I want, I play when I want and I demand pets when I want them.

I really like plants and grass and anything green that I can bite. I dont go outside because I am allergic to fleas - when they bite me I get whelps and the furs between my legs falls out. Momy keeps flea goo on all of us just in case.

This is my favorite thing to do ... yoga-lates - it feels so good.

I am a big kitty - not as big as Bean but Im BIG and I have long furs so I look Bigger than I really am. I weigh about 16 pounds. I enjoy looking out my windows at the birds and deer and anyother critter that comes near. I dont meow much. I do like to play but not often. I lke cat-nip an I like to drink my water from the faucet.

Now you have met me - Boo - very good to meet you and I hope we can be friends.

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Nice to meet you Boo!! Your a very beautiful kitty. We're sorry you had such a hard life, but we're happy that you have a Momy and Dady who love you now.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  2. Nice to meet you Boo! We're glad that you have found your forever home with you Momy!

  3. It is furry mice to meet you, Boo! We think you are one handsome dude! And sorry to hear that the earlier years of your life weren't so good. Your first Dad shoulda beated that other guy up for doing that to you! We'd welcome you in a heartbeat!!!

  4. Hi Boo! We'll arent you a cute floofball! You and Tygana seem a bit similar he hates the vacuum and only wants stuff when he wants it sometimes he puts up with me LOLS

  5. You are GORGEOUS !!!

    I'm so glad your Mom rescued you ...

  6. Hi ya, Boo Boo! It's nice to meet you! And we're glad you have a happy home now!

  7. We are so very happy to meet you, Boo, and hope to become friends. We are sad that you had to go through that mistreatment, but so very happy that you have such a nice furever home now. xxxxxxxx

  8. Realy pleased to meet you Boo.. You are lovely.. HUgs GJ xx

  9. Boo/Butterbean:

    Pleasure to meet both of you. No fears about being in a doggy blog, if you met us you might get licked to death but other than that you're safe.

    Boo, you sound like our kind of cat, do what you want, when you want! Ahh the freedom ...

    Thanks again for stopping by our blog, we've added you to our roll and look forward to following your great adventures.

    Nellie & Calvert

  10. Hi Boo, nice to meet you. We are sorry that your first home wasn't good, but glad you have a loving forever home now.

  11. Nice to meet you Boo. We are so happy you found a good forever home.