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Friday, December 18, 2009

Patient or Sneaky

A side note - Lucky did have to SHARE share his turkey leg with me and Boo and Momy took some of the meat off so we didnt get it ALL but ...

Also - we were very sad and Momy even cried when she read about Pretty Princess - she was a butiful kitty and we know she will be very much missed - we send purrrs and kitty kisses to her family ...

My Momy is Both Patient and Sneaky ... she petted the new kitty and she watched him and she waited ... then one day she made him an appointment to be "fixed" and get shots ... she sat the cat carrier on the porch in front of the bowl where she would feed him and for days she fed him right in front of the open door and she would pet him ... this would happen morning and night .... THEN one morning she grabbed him and shoved him in the box and shut the door ... he went to the vet that day and when he came home he stayed in the bathroom for a few days and Momy loved on him


He just got home from having his boy parts sniped

More on WaterMelon on Monday

Have a Happy Friday -
they are calling for where I live in Virginia to get a FOOT or more of SNOW
Ill have pictures if it happes tomorrow ... Maybe Momy will let me go get my toes cold


  1. Hiya, Butter Bean!!
    It is furry cold here in NC, mom really hopes we don't get any snow.
    Stay warm, furiend!!!

  2. Wow, a foot of snow! That's a lot, more like the amount we'd get here in southern Ontario. Stay safe and warm.

    And hi to WaterMelon; what a cutie pie.

  3. Hiya Watermelon!!! You are a really cute boy! And, getting your boy parts removed is really for your own good. At least you have a nice family looking after you. And, just think...you may totally melt their hearts and get to stay there FURREVER! Just a thought. We would LOVE to see pictures of the white stuff when you get it. It's moving up the coast, but we're in NorthEast PA, and looks like it may just skirt right by us. Then again, with mom;s luck, we'll end up with 5 feet!!!

  4. Whoa thats a lotta snow I heard it's supposed to snow this weekend in CT too! But that watermelon is quite the looker!

  5. Wow what a story - nice to meet you WaterMelon! We know that the removal of the boy parts (or as it is often known, "the hoo-ha-ectomy") is no fun but trust us in the long run you will be much better off!

    And a foot of snow - too much for me! We are expecting some but not that much - stay warm and safe!

  6. Watermelon is a cutie pie...thanks for sharing him with us! In NC we are only going to get a few inches, but WOW a foot would be awesome!!

  7. A foot of Snow ...
    Burr on your toes ...

    (Hope you have a Fun Weekend)

  8. Hi Butterbean!
    Hi WaterMelon!
    Hi Lucky!
    That was great your Mom was able to get help for WaterMelon. What a handsome mancat with a cute pink nose.
    OOOO snow...we think you will probably get some there is a big storm coming your way!

    purr on

  9. Watermelon looks a little bit crabilated about getting the snip!

  10. Hey Watermelon.....you are purrty!

    It is purrty cold here too, and we think we are supposed to get more snow soon, but we don't know when or how much. Stay safe and warm!

  11. Hiya Watermelon! Mom had to trick us too when it came time to remove our boy bits, boy glad that's over!

    We're in Virginia, too! But we're only supposed to get 5 inches or so... You must be more north. Stay warm everybody!

    Nico, Austin & JayJay :)

  12. Hi Watermelon! Nice to meet you!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  13. Hi Watermelon! dat removal of da mancat parts, it's not so bad. My sisfurs din't like me til I had it done. Well, it's nice to meet yoo.