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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Story time with Momy

Scooter was borned on May 22, 2007 - that makes him 2 almost 3 years old. He was found drownin in Claytor Lake in June 2007 - he was about 5-6 weeks old - just a little thing

I took good care of him

Scooter was a very loving and playful kitten
Then he got bigger and decided that he does not really like Momy and Dady
No one really knows why he is such a scairty cat - He hides under the bed 95% of the time - Sometimes he will come out and play but not often

See how cute he was

This is Scooter now
He still loves me and we nap together and play but like I said he hides a lot none of us really understand why or really when things changed
We love Scooter all the same but Momy wishes he was more outgoing and loveable
Sometimes he sleeps in the bed with Me and Momy


  1. We're sorry Scooter isn't more friendly. It is hard to understand why some cats are more outgoing than others. All you can do is love him and maybe he'll come around. At least he does sleep and play with you sometimes. He is very handsome!

  2. Give him time. He probably has Post traumatic stree syndrome from his child hood. It takes time. He will be fine. Sending purrs and prayers your way.

  3. It took Sadie almost 7 years to warm up to da beans and she din't even get such a scary start to her life.

  4. Awww Scooter...we barely just met your humans and they seem to be purrty wonderful ones. Venture out and spend more time with them. They aren't like the ones that hurt you.

    We will be purring that you learn to trust more and are able to spend more time getting loves and snuggles. Till then we are glad you are buddies with Butterbean.

  5. We are all difFURent fur various reasons...

    Things change...
    We change...

    AND sometimes things change bakhk!


  6. Hey Scooter, tell Mom there might be a smell of something you don't like. One of my sisters would come around Dad at night until he changed his after shave lotion. Ya never know!

  7. Oh Scooter is such a cutie. Hopefully he will get braver as he gets older. He sounds like he had a very traumatic kittenhood for a while there, so maybe that is part of his reason for being afraid. We hope he is able to overcome his fears but if not it is good that he has a loving, understanding home.

  8. Scooter is a handsome boy. Sometimes kitties just are nervous for no real reason. Mum had Kitty Yumbum from the day she was born but she wouldn't trust anyone but our mum. She did get better as she got older though.

  9. Scooter is a very handsome mancat!! Hopefully as he gets older he'll come around more!

  10. Your Momy sure was keeping warm on the couch with all the cats!