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Sunday, December 20, 2009


Momy had so much to do on Sunday that she never posted my pictures - mainly because the cord to download the pictures was with Dady and he was on the fire trucks all weekend helping peoples however there are tons of SNOW pictures - we got 26 inches - thats LOTS

Now, let me tell you about WaterMelon
He was borned May 28, 2005 that makes him 4 years old
He is grey and white like Lucky - in fact they could be twins EXCEPT
Melon is long haired and a year older than Lucky

After Melon's 2 night stay in the bathroom he got to where he wanted to come in all the time. Momy does not make him go out but typically he goes out during the day.

This is Melons favorite napping spot - in front of the bay window.

Melon is a big Boy weighing in at 16 pounds of man cat muscle

To be big ferocious Man Cat he is a sweetie
He sleeps in the bed with Momy and Dady until he gets hot

Momy did find who she thinks is Melon and Luckys Mama Cat. She has a good home and is solid grey like the boys. We are not sure how Melon ended up at our house or how Lucky ended up by the river but ...
They both have good homes now!


  1. Woo had almost twice as much SNOW as I had!

    Are woo using all of it?


  2. Wow, y'all had lots of snow. If we had that much snow where we live the power would be off forever. WaterMelon is indeed a handsome mancat!!!

  3. WaterMelon is a big handsome mancat!! Look at all that wonderful floof!

  4. Wow, that's a lot of snow. Too much. LOL! You can keep it. :-)

    WaterMelon is a gorgeous big boy. My Chumley was "only" 18 pounds at his heaviest, 13 pounds at his lightest. My two boys, Nicki and Derry, are only around 10 pounds each. WaterMelon is a lot of cat to love!

    Happy Solstice to all!

  5. We're very happy that you all have such a great and loving home!

  6. We are very glad Lucky and Melon are in such a great home. And their Mom in a good home is even better! We can't wait to see the snow pictures!

  7. WOW, you got lots of snow!!! At least you're all comfy and warm inside!!!

  8. Tomorrow (the 22nd)is my Barkday; please stop by and help me raise money for Canine Cancer Research. Ask your friends to stop by, too.

  9. I am so happy that they ended up at a loving home.. The pictures are so lovely. But all that snow.. Wow.. Keep sugg and warm.. Hgs GJ xx

  10. Watermelon is very handsome.
    You did have a lot of snow.