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Friday, December 11, 2009


This is Baby lucky the night he came home with Momy. That was the only way he could lay so it wouldnet hurt.

This is a really good picture of his lil hip! He could run and play as soon as he got home. When Momy found him he was hidding in the bushes next to the river probably where he was dropped. He could only hobble - couldnet put any pressure at all on his right leg and he was screaming. Momy carried him home carefully so he wouldnet hurt and he had to sleep in a cage that night so he would be still. Dady checked on him several times that night.

I took care of baby Lucky!
I would sleep beside his crate at night and make sure he was ok. Lucky was born June 23, 2006 - this makes him 3 years old now.

He would never get out of my sight. I was very protective.

But he healed very well and has all his legs and they all work he just cant fully extend his back right leg completely. But thats ok - he can run and jump and play and he is a happy boy.

Lucky loves to go outside but he can only go out on a leash because he runs and runs and runs until he makes his leg so sore he cant walk and limps for days. Also, Lucky is de-clawed. Momy didnt really want to but the vet said it was best because if Lucky climbed up a tree or a curtian and landed wrong on his leg it would be bad for him. Lucky dosnt seem to notice that he has no front claws.

Lucky on his leash outside. Lucky is EXTREMELY talkative - Im sure you will hear from him again really soon.

Happy Friday - ppurrrrssss ..


  1. What a wonderful happy ending to a sad sad story. Lucky is indeed very lucky!

  2. Lucky you are one handsome boy and we are so delighted that you found your very special Mom and that you know have a forever home and never have to worry about any 'ouchies' again.

  3. Lucky your lovely and you have a great mom!

  4. HOORAY FOR LUCKY!!! Your mom has been assigned as his angel! Kudos to her for taking such great care of him and making him well. And you??? You are the bestest brudder he could effur have!

  5. Oh goodness...just look at Lucky! All growed up and looking fit and healthy! You are such a good brother Butterbean...taking care of Lucky like that!

  6. Poor lucky sure went through an ordeal when he was just a bebbeh! I'm glad he is doing so well now.

  7. Oh, poor Lucky! Well, he's lucky now, isn't he? What a sweetie. I'm sure you'll take good care of him--your human "mum" too!

  8. What a great mommy you have. Such a lucky boy, so happy he healed and is happy in his furever home. You two sound like best friends. I love happy endings. Have a great weekend.

  9. Lucky...you sure are lucky to have found such a great furever home!

  10. I am so glad you gave Lucky a new life ..

  11. Lucky, that was a great story about your new furrever home. We are sorry though that the vet pulled your claws out.

    Have a great weekend.

  12. Tank woo fur sharing the furry nice story!

    Tank woo fur khoming by my khorner!

    And yes, I 'LOVE' khats!

    Just around The Blogosphere ;-)


  13. Thank you for visiting my blog...please come back soon. It is wonderful that Lucky found his way to your caring and loving family. You look like a great protector and your humans are very special to have taken him in and nursed him back to health. I hope to get to nkow you better.