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Friday, December 4, 2009

Its ButterBean time ...

Good Morning Friends!
I am ButterBean and I am happy to be here.
My life has been an interesting one so far. I dont like the beginning so I will speed through it. Hope you dont mind but it make me cry a little. I was borned to my MAMA CAT - June 29, 2004. (that makes me 5) I was the only one that lived. The peoples that had me kept me in a basement. They named me Butterbean and would throw me kibbles every now and again. The next March the lady moved out and took me with her so the mean man would not hurt me. She took me to my now Momy! Momy fought with the mean man to keep me. He wanted me deads - I never did anything to him.

ANYAY, I dont wanna talk about that because ...
This is where my life gets more HAPPY :) When Momy got me I was solid WHITE - see me now - I have yellow tips and big BLUE eyes. I have another scarity part of life but I will tell you about it another day.

I am a BIG kitty. At my largest I was 26 pounds but I had to go on a diet cause being over-weight is NOT healthy. I am now 19 pounds and my Doctor says Im ok at that weight for my size. I hope hes right.

So BIG Purrs and tail swishes to you all until tomorrow.

Have a wonderful Friday!


  1. Butter Bean - you is a MEEZER!! you looks like maybe part or all flame point siamese kitty to us!! (meezers is all borned white and then they get their colors and stuffs) we is furry happy to meet you!

  2. A meezer ??? WOAH - I knowed I have some siamese (blue eyes) but I was white until I was 1 year old. MEEZER - that sounds cool!

  3. Yes, you are a meezer like me!!!!! A flame point one like the Meezers said!!!

    My brother and I are so very glad you are in a safe place now, and that your weight is down. We just don't understand why humans want any of us dead.


  4. Oh my Oh my - I is a Meezer .... how exciting! Wait until I tell everybodies - oh I so happy.

  5. We're so glad to have you join all of us here in the blogosphere butter bean! Also, super happy you have a good home now.

  6. Hi Butterbean! We are so glad to meet you. I have almost the same story as you. My Meowmie left her husband and ME. I loved her, but she must not have known that. The mean man threw me owt of the house. It was a while before my Mom could get me, but like you, I am doing great now!
    ~ Timothy

  7. Nice to meet you Butterbean. We're glad that your life is now a very happy one!

  8. Grrrr to the mean man who wanted you dead. We're so glad your new mom fought for you. You are a very big cat, but handsome.

  9. Butterbean, I am sorry you had a sad part in your life, but I'm glad things are good for you now!

  10. Hi ButterBean. That was a very sad early part of your life. We are very glad you have a loving forever home now.
    Concats on being a Meezer!

  11. Hi Butter Bean!! My brother Ozzie is a flame point meezer!! He looks almost like you only he is smaller (10 lbs)!! Somebody left him out in the cold and his ears are nearly frozen off, but he never has to worry about being cold again! We love him and we are sure we will like you too!!

    Boots, Ozzie & Brenda

  12. Welcome to you my new friend...stop by and check out my Sister Sascha, she is a fluffy flamepoint. Anyways, read about you at CatBlogosphere and wanted to visit you. You have a wonderful life now, sometimes we have to go through a lot to get where we are supposed to be. Don't know why, but sometimes it just works. Keep purring and writing!!!

  13. Well hi Butterbean. Welcome to our cat blogging community. I'm a big guy too and we weigh about the same amount.

    Stop over and see us some time.

    Max S. & The Crew

  14. Hi Butterbean (oooo I juss lub yur name!)
    I udderstand bein sad I lived in one place furr a while til they gave me away, an dat famibly diddant wants me neifurr...in fact da mean man toll da rescue lady to juss drop me off and leave me behind da store if no one wanted to 'dopt me. Well guess what Butterbean? Momma saw me and scooped me rite up and tooks me home and I have been here efur since (since 2005) and I LUB MOMMA! She lubs me, and I can tell yur Momma lubs yoo too.
    Welcomes to da blogosphere come on ofur and I'll introduces yoo to all my famibly...


  15. We are so very happy to meet you, Butterbean...and so happy that you have found a wonderful furever home. purrs

  16. Welcome! I'm new, to the blogosphere, also - oh, I'm a meezer too! Come on by & say, "hi" Meezer! So glad you found your new Mom!

    Hugs & Purrs,
    Nico :)