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Thursday, December 13, 2012


I am a BIG Man cat
I havent been feeling well
I have been drinking lots of water and hanging out in the bathroom
My momy and dady loves me so I purr big for them
Im a big ol teddy bear
Grandma calls me Brutus but Im not a meanie

Momy texted the vet last night that I needed to come in - she called this morning and Dady took me by they think I am so sweet and loving and just a rag doll as I will let them do whatever to me and I just lay there

Vet lady called Momy and said
Scotch has lost 2.5 pounds - he is slightly dehydrated and ... he is Diabetic - his sugar was 395 he also has pancreatitis - this means the pancreas is inflamed.
Lee (the vet) thinks we are at the beginning of the disease
she is not happy with the way he is breathing and will be taking an x-ray of his chest


  1. Oh, No! Scotch, you are a very handsome mancat and we are sorry you are not feeling well. We are sending purrs to you and Mama cat!

  2. Hi Scotchy! You are a handsome mancat. Mum calls me (Eric) her teddy bear too. We are sorry you are not feeling well and send you lots of purrs.

  3. We are so sorry to hear that Scotch had to go to the bridge. We are so sad about that. He sure was handsome. We send the Mom and Dad some mighty big hugs. It is always so sad when they have to leave us, just know that he had such a good home with all of you. You are in our thoughts and prayers.