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Monday, December 17, 2012

Stripey and the Christmas Tree

UPDATE - We is ok ... picked Stripey up from the vet - she is favoring her leg but seems ok - Shons toes are ok, he has been cleaning them and putting medicine on them - my wounds are ok, hurty but less swollen and look ok - I have cleaned up most of the blood that was splattered all over the floors and lil Miss Stripey is laying in my lap ...
It could and would only happen at our house. Let me start off by saying you are more than welcome to laugh, giggle and find the following funny - although it is completly TRUE!

Today is Monday 12/17/12 - This morning at approximately midnight thirty (12:30 am) Stripey got stuck and I mean litterally stuck in the christmas tree. Shon was still up and heard the ruckus and went to help. Her right little back foot was tied up in the christmas lights against the center pole of the pre-lit tree. Shon laid the tree down thinking that woul take the pressure off of her to help her get free but all it did was give her the opportunity to bite his toes. She bit 4 of 5 toes on his right foot.

At the kitteh screaming and shon begging her to calm I came running in just in time to see the foot biting happening. First thing I did was unplug the tree ... then I went to hold her down and she bit my left thumb - she ends up biting it several times as I have about 12 puncture marks on it, she also bit near the large knucke of my pinkie on the left hand so my whole hand is pretty well swollen, the middle 3 fingers work pretty well but still hurt. So I grabbed her with the other hand that she also bit, at the base of the thumb and on my forearm ... mean while we completly tear the tree apart and have to use scissors to cut the lights from around her foot. Once she was free I took her to the bathroom so she can calm, all the other kitties ran and hid.

I rinsed my wounds to be sure I didnt need a Dr. .. looked at Shons foot for the same reasons - after we decided we were ok the tree was tossed out into the yard. Shon went to check Stripey and she growled at him and was going to smack him. I went to look at her and she let me touch her - when I was satisfied that she could put some weight on it we decided to wait until morning to take her to the vet.

This morning I took her to my wonderful vets office. They called me a bit ago - no breaks, no fractures, but very swollen and sore and some tissue damage. Shes getting a shot, possible antibotic shot as she did have a slight fever but they think its from the trauma and some pain pills.

Needless to say we will not be having a tree in the house for a while.



  1. Poor Stripey! WE know she must have been terrified as were you and Shon. My sister had a kitten get tangled in wires under her trailer and he lost a leg over it! Take care of those bites!

  2. I would never laugh at that, it had to be so very scary for all of you.

  3. That must have been scary for all of you.

    But please, do not treat kittie bites lightly. Cat teeth are pretty much designed to inject nasties into the the bite-ee. Untreated cat bites almost always lead to nasty infections. Like, in the hospital, maybe lose a finger nasty.

    Been there, done that, still have some scars from it.

  4. Oh, dear, no laughing here. That sounds incredibly scary and painful for the 3 of you. Hope all those bites heal quickly - know how painful they can be - and Stripey's foot too.

  5. Oh goodness! We hope all of you have healed by now, or at least are feeling much better.