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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Deer Santy Love Bean

Deer Santy - Bean writing here to tell you that I have been a very ...err umm mostly kinda good kitty this year - most of the time ... usually  
For crissymouse I would like some cleaner for mom since I sometimes p in the floor
I like the crunnchies she fees us so some of thoes would be ok
I would like to feel better - my tummy hurts and Im stinky alot

Mostly Santy I would like all kitties and doggies to have furever homes - I think thats all ...

we will be looking for you ... oh and temptations ... i like thoes


  1. Those are excellent requests, Bean. We wanted to come by and offer our comforting purrs to all of you in the loss of Scotchy. We're so sorry it was his time to go to the bridge.

  2. Bean you are so sweet to ask for something for Mom even if it is cleaner! Hope your tummy feels better soon.

  3. I know Santa was listening my friend!

  4. Oh, sweet Bean we hope you get everything on your list and more. We are just now meeting all of you and we want to thank you for visiting our blog. One of our Christmas wishes is that everything gets better for you all and you have a very Merry Christmas. Lots of purrs, hugs and nose kisses. Mumsy, Pooh, Patches, Snookums and Chancy

  5. Oh Bean, what is up with your tummy? We hope it is feeling better.