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Friday, December 7, 2012

Mama Update - Not Good - Not Good

Vet called me ... not a good sign to begin with ... Mama is down in weight to 5.4lbs from 7lbs. Lee(the vet) said she could feel an obstruction 2" x 1" that is mis-shapen ... its in the area of the right kidney, it is possible that is is the right kidney whiich would be better than a bowel obstruction in that area as it would be non-operable. they are doing an x-ray now ....

2nd UPDATE - The abnormal mass was in fact the kidney - however her kidneys are functioning normally - Lee is very concerned about the weight loss - has given fluids and will give more and is sending her home with some as well. The x-ray also showed she Mama had been shot at some point in her life. Ive only had her for about 3 years and they thought she was about 8 years old then. I really extremely DIS-like people sometimes. Her poo is currently yellow/red with some white in it - the points Lee to cancer although she cant immediately find cancer. For right now - we are going to treat the symptoms she has to make her more comfortable and doo blood tests to see if something comes back to show cancer or soemthing else that can be treated.