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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Saturday morning Mama update

Mama came home yesterday evening - she was full of her tortie self :)
She came home with oral meds (which she does NOT like to take) and fluids which I have not had to give her any yet - she also got a shot of antibotics while she was there. She is mouthy like normal and while shes not moving about as much she is active and she STINKS!

AS soon as we got here out she was and right to the food bowl - she is very interested in eating but not much at a time. Shes has eaten some dry food and mainly licks the juice off the wet food. She did "ask" for wet this morning although she didnt really eat that much.

She has taken up in the recliner - where I have put extra towels and a heating pad for her. Not sure what they washed her with buts its very anticeptic medicine clean stinky smelling. It is suppose to be a nice day here in Virgina - I see most of the kitties going out to play today and while they are out I believe there will be some cleaning with bleach and washing of lots of laundry.


  1. Purrs, purrs and more purrs to Mama Kitty.

  2. I hope Mama improves. She eats like Kassey, just licking the wet foods. I put back in the can what's left. It takes a few days to finish a can even though she likes it.