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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Not so wordless Wednesday

Last night before bed mama asked for more food - I gave her 1/4th of a can of wet food - then put her back in her bed, I got ready for bed then gave her her medicine, which she took without a fuss.

This morning I woke at 4AM to the sound of someone throwing up - I dont have human babies, my kitties are my babies so from what I understand this is the mother instinct coming out that one of the kids are sick. I got up - uuggghhh 4 ... never did find the throw-up and I dont know who did it but when I got to the kitchen Mama came running from the laundry room with her tail up, wide eyed asking for breakfast - SO I fed her. And she ate! 1/2 a can with extra water - lots of extra water which makes me happy!

I had planned to get up early in case she had accidnets around the house from all the food she ate, no accidents, she made it to the box! Still very thin but looked like she only went once during the night. Since the vet shaved her butt, legs and part of her tail shes not cleaning so much which means shes resting. :) At about 420 the morning chores were done and I was going to nap on the sofa until time to get up at 630. Shon came down the hall and announced that he was awake and didnt think he could go back to sleep - So we took our showers, got ready for work and went to breakfast together at 530am .. Denny's was pretty much the only place open at such an hour. I got here to work at 715 after a quick trip to the store for some eye solution and holiday candy for my bowl at work.  Ah well .. .early day will be an early night - just happy that Mama cat is eating and for now seems to feel better! Oh she definately smells better too!!!

On another note Scotch has been acting like he dosnt feel well - I gave him some amoxicillin last night and this morning, his appetite has returned so as long as this is working he will not have to go to the vet - if hes not better in a few days he will go in - Im thinking its just a little cold or something.


  1. THat is an early start! Get some rest after work!

  2. Sounds like things are looking up and thats good news. I agree though get some rest.. Hugs GJ xx