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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Friends ...

Our Friends mom Michele sent us this today and writes the following ...

Thought you might enjoy a pic of Freckles and Steve.  They normally don’t hang out this close to each other, but what happened was that Freckles had been in that little bed for a long time, but when she got up to follow me into the kitchen, Steve got in there.  So when she went back and saw him there (her expression was all like, what the heck dude?), she just laid down in the floor right by him.  He wasn’t too impressed with her being right there, but he stayed.


  1. They were close! Freckles must be waiting for Steve to move so she can get back in it!

  2. Sweet Freckles we are sorry you lost your snuggly place in the bed but you and Steve sure look cute there together. It sure was sweet of you to lie on the floor and not disturb Steve. Love the picture! Hugs and nose kisses

  3. That happens around here too. Only when there is no bed left, the dog goes to Jan and whines. Big babies.