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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday - Update

Just got off the phone with Dr. DeRolf - Mama has a fever today 103.1 - right side of her mouth is inflamed and irritated and the upper right canine has broken off at the gum line making her mouth very sore. He is going to give her something to make her sleepy so he can give her some relief from the mouth pain in hopes that will make her eat more. He is leaining toward the inflamitory bowel disease and we are starting her on prednisone - the steriod should help with the loose bowels. He also felt some enlarged lymphnodes but thought that could be because hes is so small that he could just feel them better - if by chance it is some type of lymphoma the steriods will help that as well.

Purr people and pets purr ..


  1. Oh sweet Mama, we are all purring for you.

  2. No wonder she did not want to eat! A sore mouth does that to every one! We hope the steroids help her!

  3. Purring that you will feel better soon. Hope the medication helps .. Hugs GJ xx