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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day after Christmas

Hard to believe that Christmas was just yesterday ...

Hiya effurybudy Moosie here - mama got up sicks this morning she was coughing and cold, had body aches and not feeling good at all she sent an e-mail to works that she was sicko and going back to bed. So I gathered the troops and we all snuggled in to get mama warms and took a BIG nap! Ice hitting the windows woke us up after 11 .. mama never sleeps that late (however she had been up and made sure to feed us all before going back to bed(good mama)) - she says shes feeling some better. she did get the sheets in the wash and she took a shower and made some hot tea. Im holding her down on the sofa now and shes resting ... Love and take care of your humans sometimes they need it


  1. Keep Mama resting. It is the best way to get well!

  2. Purrs for your mommy !
    I'm sure you are the best to look after your Mom.
    Get well soon