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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday Morning Update

Stripey was fairly pittiful last night and just wanted me to hold her this morning - shes taking 1/4 tab of tramedol for pain - I think she took it ... I couldent find it but ... one never knows with a kitteh - she was slobbering so Ill assume she took it ... not really even sure she needed it but I dont want her to hurt.

My thumb is bruising up - I believe this to be a good thing, she bit me mostly near, around or on the nail my thumb really looks like I wacked it with a large hammer .. the other side of the hand is fairly swollen - obviously typing makes it worse. the other hand is good and the fore arm is tender just because of where it is but not really red.

Shons toes seem to be ok he is taking extra care with them and his hand is fine. We both washed our wounds well last night, peroxided them and put neosporen on them.

Mama is taking her meds very well and eating well. While she is getting to the box she is poohing before she gets her litter moved just the way she wants it. We are up to milkshake consistency now with no smell so I take that as improvement.

Last evening there was a kitty on the porch - he looks just like Stripey however he is MUCH larger - he was hungry so he ate - he is scared of opossums and not looking for fights - he let me talk to him but does not want me to get close. I will try to get a picture of this boy this evening if I can.


  1. I am glad every one is doing better. Good luck on the kitty on teh porch!

  2. We have just started following your blog and do not know what all has happened. We are sorry for all the "ouchies" and we hope all are well very, very soon. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. Just got caught up. We send our condolences to you about Scotchy! Hope your wounds are healing, physical and other, try to have a good holiday!