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Sunday, December 9, 2012


Its been an interesting day - woke up early to a kitty making throw-up sounds was Bean on my head I moved out of the way and he threw-up on the bed beside me, now the next events are kinda foggy as it was 4AM .. Bean went head first over the bed - between the bed and the wall and got stuck with his back legs up in the air needless to say he started yowling - not knowing exactly what to do I pushed him down as he was closer to the floor than on the bed - he hid under the bed for a long while - I cleaned up the mess best I could and tried to go back to sleep.
At 7 I was up feeding, cleaning boxes and getting ready had to meet a dog run at 9 - drove to Lexington and got home just after 12.
Mama DEMANDED to go out ... so I let her out - its nice outside and she really wanted to go - she came in a bit ago, ate some crunchies, took her medicine and is now taking a bath on theheating pad on the recliner I dont believe that she needs fluids today and since shes been in she hasnt had an accident tho she still really smells bad.
Currently Im watching football holding Moose and Brooke is taking a bath beside me. She is very noisy in her bath taking - sounds like a large dog.

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  1. Sounds like a fairly normal day huh? Purrs to Mama Kitty and to Bean too!