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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I was sleeping on the back bed on top of the huge fluffy dog bed when ma came in - she was getting dressed for work and her clothes hang in that closet. She asked how I was feeling and rubbed me some and squeezed my bellah which I didnt like ... she went out and in and in and out and I was dozing peacefully.

THEN --- she came in and picked me up - GAAHH she dosnt DO that ... I dont like THAT ... what was she doing. I have to admit I let out a squeek .. horrifying!

She took me to the BOX ... I cried NOOOooo in protest - after all Stripey was in there couldent she go, ma made her come out and she shoved me in ... horrid!

I gave her some big bad lip the whole way down the road - how DARE she, this is NOT what I had planned for today. We go there, she got the box out with me in it, I have to tell you she could have been a bit more gentle .. when we got in she opened the door and I came on out to say HI to everyone - how exciting people .. .

So I was carried to the back like a sack of taters - Ma said for me to be a good boy and they might give me a treat ... I like treats!

From Ma - So ... Bean has tape worms ... they checked him over good - and thats all they could find, so his treats today are worm pills :) poor boy! He should have gotten thoes about 30 minutes or so ago so things should be on their way of working out. Im just glad it wasnt anything too serious. im sure he will let me know all about when I pick him up this evening.


  1. Whew! Worms are gross, but easy enough to fix. Thank cod it was only that!

  2. I sure am glad the mystery is solved, now on to getting all better!

  3. Ewww! What have you been doing to get those Butterbean? Well, we are certainly glad you have a diagnosis and this can be taken care of. Get better soon!!!

  4. Tape worms are the worse kind! Poor Bean!