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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mid-Day update on Mama

Vet called they rushed her blood work and everything came back normal so they are thinking she has intestinal problems - for now we are treating the symptoms - antibotics, fluids if needed and pro-biotics ... she goes back to the vet to hang out on Tuesday :) She has been wanting to go out, its about 70 degrees here, VERY unusual for our area in December, I told her no but she managed to get out through the screen for about 20 minutes, brought her back in, she ate a few crunchies and is now taking a nap. My sister is coming by this evening to help me give her some fluids - I dont think she really "needs" them right now but I also dont think it will hurt her to have some. Shes not eating much. She is moving about, she is scratchin the scratch box, she is meowing at me and she still stinks. Ive only seen her in the box 2 times today.


  1. We are still sending purrs for Mama Cat!

  2. Well I hope Mama is a little better. We are all still sending purrs!