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Friday, December 21, 2012

Deer Santy - Love Stripey

Deer Santy Paws –

I never met you before, I don’t know you … but I thinks I might like you … will you let me sit in your lap an take a nappy – I like laps .. well my mamas lap she is my favorite person ever. So santy Ive been a good kitty, Ive been climbing the chrissymouse tree – I climb the trees outside so it was really nice of mom to put one in the house for me – I mostly like it .. mostly until I got stucks in it and the lights hurted my little leg– I thought  there were some birdies in it but it was really just lights and umm well I gave dady and momy the bitieeeee so please forgive me for that as I was hurtie and didnt really mean to but it hurted.

For chrissymouse I would like .. hum well – I want to lay on my mama all day – I like to play but if shes available that would be bestest. She spends lots of time with us so maybe some extra vacation days for her would be good so she could spend more time with us ...

Id like a new tree for the house without lights that will get me ... umm ... I like soft blankies and cuddly beds. Oh an my mama is sick Id like her to feel betters -

Ill stay up waiting on you – id like to meet you

Love Stripe-y

1 comment:

  1. Sweet Stripey, Santa knows you did not mean to hurt Mom and Dad, You were hurting and did what came natural. WE hope your leg is all better, now!